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Empower yourself through fitness with a customized strategy for your individual goals. Awaken your slumbering metabolism and eliminate the excuses. 

Holly training a client



Holly has a program for everyone. Whether you prefer to train from the comfort and privacy of your own home, at Holly's gym, or with a group class, you are covered. You are worth it.




Holly Roser is passionate about motivating and encouraging others to break free from unhealthy habits. Her goal is to give you the tools to love yourself, once and for all!


With over 10 years of personal training experience, Holly has helped over 1000 clients lose weight and tone their bodies. She has won a devoted following including TV appearances on Dr. OZ, NY 1 News, Shape Magazine, Men's Fitness, Self Magazine and more.


Holly brings her bubbly spirit and energy to people nationwide. In 2014, she initiated Girlfit, a nonprofit bringing health and hope to disadvantaged girls. 


 From NYC to SF, Well and Good Magazine front page reviewed, H Method is a mix of Kickboxing, Pilates, and HIIT training. Get ready to kick, squat, and stair-climb your way to the body you have always wanted. The focus of this class is to tone and define trouble areas, while performing high intensity interval training that can be easily modified to your fitness level. Holly challenges each participant with non-contact kickboxing drills to get your core burning, HIIT training, as well as body weight isometric hold exercises that will get you sweating and feeling great. Full body workouts burn more calories and activate your core. Skip the wimpy classes that don't challenge you and change your body once and for all! Your body has to be challenged for it to change!



Anytime, Anywhere



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