12 Healthy Christmas Cookie Recipes

Looking for a healthy cookie recipe for your holiday entertaining? When one cookie leads to 4, you'll be grateful you cut calories from the usual holiday treats. These are my top 12 cookie recipes that won't pack on the pounds.

Did you know that the average person can expect to gain SEVEN POUNDS over the holiday season?! Don't let this statistic scare you, the power to change is in your hands.

Some might hear 7lbs and decide they are going to diet over the holidays and abstain from all sweets and treats. The problem- you may be able to maintain that for a little while but not long term. There will be a holiday party when someone shoves a plate of cookies in your face, you have one cookie, and that little blood sugar monster goes wild inside you and you start binge eating on ALL the treats.

This mindset can make-or-break your results – especially this time of year.

Also, stop the idea that if you eat something “off your diet”… you have completely blown your intentions of healthy eating the for rest of the day. Being on a diet perpetuates the binge eating cycle, stop now while you're ahead.