Holly Roser Fitness has launched a Corporate Wellness Initiative in San Mateo and all over the Bay Area and would love to have your team as part of our program.

Holly’s 45-minute class blends kickboxing, strength training, and pilates together for a killer calorie-scorching workout, with plenty of partner drills that encourage employee camaraderie and positive body image. Employees lose weight and feel better than ever before in an uplifting environment. Classes are available at my studio in San Mateo, or my trainers can also come onsite to your workplace gym, or any open space. All equipment is brought on location. Learn more in this class review from the top fitness blog in the country. n

From Forbes Magazine:

A report from Harvard Business School found that for American-based companies, their medical expenses fell by $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs, and that employee absenteeism expenses fell by $2.73.

A recent report by German psychologist Sabine Sonnentag showed that wellness programs boost productivity, reduce stress, and increase employee engagement and communication. An abundance of research suggests that when incorporated correctly, bringing fitness and mindfulness practices into the workweek provides a myriad of benefits for employers and employees alike.

I’m excited to help your employees de-stress and feel better than ever before! Contact us to get started today!

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