Elliptical Workout Benefits and a 30 Minute Elliptical Workout

The elliptical is a great low-impact that can be easy on your joints such as your knees and hips. However, it can be easy to fall into "vacation mode" on the elliptical. Gym goers tend to watch tv or read a magazine while on an elliptical and work at minimal effort since the machine is helping you push your legs, it does about 20 to 30 percent of the work for you. If you plan on using the elliptical for weight loss, you will want a harder workout by increasing the resistance and incline.

In a Harvard Health Publishing article, they reported that in a 30-minute elliptical workout the following calories could be burned:

270 calories based on someone who weighs 125lbs

335 calories based on someone who weighs 155lbs

400 calories based on someone who weighs 185lbs

How to use an elliptical trainer:

If you are starting out as a beginner with an elliptical workout, you will want to familiarize yourself with the machine first. When you get on the machine, you want to make sure you are standing tall practicing good posture. You should not be hunching in any way and you should be engaging your core muscles. With your core tight, squeeze your glutes as you push your feet into the pedals, staying light on your feet and driving with your toes. Engage your back as you push and pull the handles. It sounds like a lot to think about all at first but once you practice a few times, paying close attention to your form, it will become easier.

Elliptical workout benefits:

  • It is easy on the joints, especially your knees and hips.

  • It could help you lose weight as long as you keep the intensity high.

  • It can be a great alternative to running if you have knee issues.

  • It can workout your entire body since you use both your legs and arms.

  • It can help improve your cardiorespiratory strength.

  • It could be a great home gym addition especially if you live in a cold-weather area where running outdoors isn’t possible.

Below, I have created a 30-minute elliptical workout for you to add to your new workout routine. While doing the routine, you shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation so you can let that be your guide. You may even feel the burn in your muscles the next day; if you do, you can try an over-the-counter pain reliever like Advil to ease the soreness or take an Epsom salt bath to relax your muscles.

30-Minute Hill Elliptical Interval Workout

0 to 5 minutes: Warm up. Start at a comfortable but challenging speed.

Resistance: 10

Incline: 4

8 to 10 minutes: Sprint. Focus on pushing the handles. You should become breathless.

Resistance: 8

Incline: 7

10 to 11 minutes: Recovery. Slow it down.

Resistance: 6

Incline: 7

11 to 13 minutes: Sprint. Let go of the handles and use your feet only. You should become breathless.

Resistance: 11

Incline: 5

13 to 14 minutes: Recovery. Slow it down.

Resistance: 7

Incline: 5

14 to 19 minutes: Sprint. Focus on pushing the handles. You should become breathless.

Resistance: 9

Incline: 7

19 to 21 minutes: Endurance block. You’re still working hard.

Resistance: 7

Incline: 7

21 to 22 minutes: Recovery. Slow it down.

Resistance: 6

Incline: 7

22 to 25 minutes: Endurance block. Check your form as your work against the resistance.

Resistance: 10

Incline: 4

25 to 30 minutes: Cooldown. Regain your breath.

Resistance: 5

Incline: 5

Navigating a new healthy lifestyle can be tricky at times - If you need personal support from me or my team of trainers with help creating a personalized workout plan, then send me a message and we will make it happen. We are here for you!

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