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Holly is the best -- GREAT trainer!! I am 65 years old, and have exercised most of my life, and have always thought that I was in great shape. To my surprise, Holly took me to a VERY different level. Her cardio and weight training workouts are different each time which make them interesting and challenging!!! I have not been as strong since I was a teenager. I warm up prior to doing my cardio routine with 15 pull ups, and three sets of 40 push ups. Not bad for an old man. Thank you Holly!


- Ira


I started training with Holly after a friend of mine worked with her to get in shape for her wedding. Holly was so motivating to my friend that I thought I’d give it a try. I’m very glad I did. At our first workout together she asked me about my my personal goals and adjusted my workouts to meet those goals. Holly also helped me with meal plans and with an exercise plan of what I can do to stay in shape at the gym on my own. I attended one of her park sessions and found it very challenging. Even though I found it challenging I felt great about myself after. I think that Holly is the perfect fit for a trainer; she’s encouraging and also pushes you to and past your limits.

- Ellie 


Holly is an incredible trainer. I worked out with Holly so I could get in shape for my wedding last year. I wanted toned arms, great shoulders, a flat and toned stomach, and also to drop a few pounds. Holly is very motivating. She made me push myself to the next level even when I didn't think I could do it. I have never loved working out, but Holly made it fun! She takes her job seriously but also has a great personality so she is fun to be around and work out with. Holly also gave me great nutritional advice to help me get in shape for the big day. I felt awesome on my wedding day. I looked great in my dress and I owe it all to Holly. She's the BEST!


- Sara 

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