Girl Fit

In 2014, Holly created an after-school program, Girl Fit 501(c)(3), for 37 Fairfax High School students in Los Angeles, CA.

The heart of the program is to motivate and inspire inner-city, low-income teens to develop their faith and life goals. The program consists of four areas of vision: art therapy classes, team workouts, nutrition classes, and female CEO guest speakers.

The program instills goal-setting skills in the classroom and beyond, teaching how to live with confidence and purpose. Activities are catered towards teamwork and focused on well-being,

Holly’s goal is to provide the tools for girls from low-income families to succeed in all areas of their lives while ensuring they have access to healthy foods and the knowledge to make the best food choices.

For more information on how you can donate laptops, workout clothing, athletic shoes, or grocery store gift cards, please use the link below.

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