Losing weight can be challenging, and belly fat may be the most stubborn area of all to burn. You can change your diet, increase your workouts, and take supplements, and still it may seem like the belly fat never goes away. I understand your frustration. So I’ve simplified the ways to lose belly fat, once and for all, into just three steps for easy lifestyle integration and success. Read further for these three game-changing daily strategies you can start implementing today.

Here’s What to Do

Maybe you’ve tried different strategies to lose belly fat in the past and didn’t see the results you wanted. Or maybe this is your first time really buckling down and committing to it. Either way, I firmly believe that the simpler something is, the easier it’ll be to integrate into your lifestyle, and the more success you’ll have.

1. Cut out sugar and sugary things

Let’s start with the most obvious strategy first. Cutting sugar. When we consume sugar, our body turns it into glucose for energy. Most is burned off, but any remaining glucose is stored as glycogen in our muscles and liver. Our muscles and our liver can hold only so much excess glycogen, however. Once that glycogen storage is full, any that still remains is converted to fat and deposited into adipose tissue. Adipose tissue is all over our body, meaning this extra fat can be deposited anywhere, including our belly area.

Ultimately, having one cookie is not going to hurt you. Your body can metabolize and burn off the energy from one cookie. But, sugar consumed each day adds up. And if you’re not working out regularly or enough to counterbalance that intake – well, that’s what keeps your belly fat nice and cozy.

To lose belly fat once and for all, cut out sugar as much as you can. There are so many sweetening alternatives and healthy ways to satisfy that ‘sweet’ craving. You really don’t need the commercialized sugary stuff anyway.

2. Integrate belly fat-burning exercises

There might be a misconception out there that cardio exercises burn fat. I often hear of people that are trying to lose weight take up running or spin classes. And that’s great! But to burn fat and not just calories, you really want to do core-based exercises and weight training to build muscle.

Start integrating workouts like HIIT circuits, burpees, mountain climbers, and Russian twists. These are all excellent at targeting belly fat, and building strength around your core section. The more strength you have in your core – your abdominals, obliques, pelvis, and back – the less room there will be for fat and the more defined look you’ll have all over. And, the more fat you’ll burn continuously, since muscle burns fat. Shoot to do these workouts as often and as regularly as you can.

3. Eat more protein and fewer (refined) carbohydrates

It may not seem like it’d be a big deal, but increasing your protein and reducing your refined carbohydrates can really help you lose belly fat. Put simply, the more protein you eat, the less often you’ll need to eat. Studies show that high-protein diets result in overall increased satiety and lower daily calorie consumption. By eating more of it – like chicken, eggs, nuts, beans, and dairy – you’ll train your body to feel satisfied longer, working in the long run to help you lose belly fat.

And when it comes to the refined carbohydrates – foods that have been stripped of any nutrients, like white bread, white flour, pasta, pastries, pizza dough, etc – you want to eat these very sparingly, if at all. The problem with refined carbohydrates (not to be confused with whole carbohydrates, like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits) is that they consist of processed sugars. No, one piece of white bread or a small bit of pasta won’t hurt you, but like any other sugar-based food or drink, it will add up over time.

Lifestyle Change for Long-Term Health

While these are the 3 game-changing ways to lose belly fat (and any fat, really), your success will depend on your commitment to them over the long-term. So often I see people try quick diets or changes, maybe for two weeks, maybe for a month, maybe longer, but then their commitment tapers off and so do their results.

So before you begin these three steps to lose belly fat, I encourage you to take an inventory of your home, your pantry, your social life, and anything else that may be a negative temptation for your long-term commitment.

If there’s sugary food in your fridge or on your list, it’s time for a purge! If you like working out at home but don’t have enough space, make a little room and make your new workout space motivating. If your friends like to go out to eat at more indulgent restaurants, familiarize yourself with some healthier options and suggest those instead. Whatever you need to do to set yourself up for long-term success!

*I’m here for you throughout your journey to long-term health and fitness. Nothing worth doing is easy, but even when things get challenging, just remember that you can do it. Is there a strategy you’ve had success with? Or a method to lose belly fat you recommend? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you!

In good health,

Holly Roser

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