Staying motivated to workout and lose weight isn’t always easy but I’ve got some tips for you to help keep it up!

How To Get Motivated To Workout and Lose Weight before summer

1. Turn Your Workout Into an Activity:

Instead of running on the treadmill every day, try a fun sport or activity that replaces the boring fitness equipment at the gym. Go on an outdoor run on a nearby trail with a friend, or go for a swim at your local pool. There are many fun workouts that can add some spice to your routine, including taking a group fitness class like my Women’s Unstoppable class, tennis, paddleboarding, Zumba, basketball and skating. If you look forward to doing an activity, it will keep your motivation charging and get you to your fitness goal before you know it.

2. Audio Motivation:

Listen to motivating YouTube videos and podcasts while you exercise to make time fly. There are so many amazing coaches and motivational speakers to choose from, so find your own type of motivation. Some people like aggressive speakers; others prefer an intellectual approach. Whatever it takes, find the person who most speaks to you and let them inspire you to take it up a notch during your next workout.

3. Find hope in tomorrow:

No matter what trials and tribulations appeared in your food diary or with your workouts today, let them go and focus on how you will do better tomorrow. Think about how far you’ve come, and take each workout and healthy meal as a baby step. Reward yourself each time you reach a small goal, such as losing two pounds, or when you have completed all of your workouts for the week. Take yourself to the movies, or get a pampering massage and facial. Or treat yourself to a new gym outfit!

Don’t let lack of motivation keep you from hitting your goals this month! Summer is just around the corner!

What motivates you to keep working out? Share in the comments below because you just might inspire someone else!

How To Get Motivated To Workout and Lose Weight before summer

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