Have you set any new health goals for yourself? If not, now may be the best time to get started! We are about a month away from Thanksgiving and oftentimes, that is when the snowball effect of unhealthy eating begins if you don’t have a plan in place.

Today, I want you to VISUALIZE yourself inside your dream body. When you can visualize it in your mind, you can achieve it in REAL time.

As a personal trainer, I provide my clients with a personalized plan using the vision they have for themselves, and the best resources in fitness and nutrition in order to achieve their dream body! Once they have a clear vision for themselves, we start goal setting.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

You have to know what you want, to get what you want. So I want you to decide how bad you want it! I encourage you to FOCUS on the vision that you want for yourself and believe you can achieve it!

Your next step will be to set a goal and make a plan.

Here are some tips to get you started with setting your new fitness goal:

Decide your goal focus:

A lot of my clients are focusing on their weight loss goals and maybe that is your goal too. But truly your goal can be anything that is important to you such as cutting out the junk, getting stronger, etc.

Set realistic expectations:

Those who achieve the most amazing body transformations do so by reaching a series of progressive, attainable, and measurable goals. But let’s be realistic here, you aren’t going to lose 20 pounds in a week because the weight didn’t come on overnight and it’s not coming off that way either.

Set a timeline for your goal:

You might want to ,,set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight in an 8-12 week period. But keep in mind, you can only safely lose about 1-2 pounds of fat in a week. So you can let that be your guide when choosing your weight loss goal.

Write it down:

Write down your goal and post it somewhere that you can see every day to keep you motivated. Maybe that is your refrigerator or your work desk. This will be your focus for each week.

Envision and achieve your goal:

Think about what it will be like to achieve your goal. How will you look and feel? How will your favorite pair of skinny jeans feel when you put them on? How will it feel to have leaner, stronger looking arms?

Once you have envisioned how it will feel to achieve your goal, next is doing the work. Work on your goal every day in some way. Consistency is key! Start an exercise program, hire a ,,personal trainer, or get ,,nutrition coaching. Start focusing on eating healthier, cook more meals at home, try new healthy recipes, or join a healthy ,,meal delivery service.

Life and your goals don’t just happen. When you decide on a goal, make a plan to succeed, and stick to it, you will see change happen in ways you never thought possible.

If you need personal support from me with help discovering your goals and making them a reality, then send ,,me a message and we will make it happen. You can do this! I’m here for you!

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