Super Busy? Squeeze In Your Best Cardio Workouts at Home

It’s no secret that life can get in the way of our workouts. One minute we’re on track and ready to hit the gym, and the next we’re dealing with a situation that can knock our routine totally out of orbit. The key here isn’t to try and ignore the unexpected but rather to remain adaptable to it.

So when it comes to maintaining a steady fitness routine amidst life’s unpredictable nature, creating a workout space right at home can be game-changing. For those of you trying to get your heart rate up, here are some tips on how to get your best cardio workouts at home.

Preparing Your At-Home Workout Space

No matter what kind of workout you’re doing – strength, cardio, yoga, etc – having a space in your home that’s accessible, feasible, and fun is essential. Start by picking an open room or space and creating an atmosphere that motivates you. Maybe this means having pictures up that represent your goals, or just an overall look and feel that makes you feel good. Be sure your space also has good lighting, and if you have a mirror nearby to be able to check your form, that’s great, too.

Some other things that will assist with getting your best cardio workouts at home are music (and ya’ gotta turn it up!) and a variety of different equipment. A lot of cardio workouts don’t require equipment, but as you grow stronger, you may want to start adding in some weight or resistance, like with small dumbbells or resistance bands.

5 Best Cardio Workouts at Home

For a heart-pumping and sweaty session, these are (in my opinion) the 5 best cardio workouts at home that you can do:

Burpees – this explosive movement challenges the whole body. Start in a push-up position, jump to a squat, and then explode up with feet in the air, before landing back down and jumping back to push-up position. Do several of these in a row to get that heart pumping!

Squat Jumps – these are similar to burpees, but minus the jump backs to push-up position. Start standing with feet hip-width apart, bend at the knees, explode upwards until feet are in the air and your body is straight, and then land back down into a squat position. Repeat for at least 30 seconds for maximum effect.

Mountain Climbers – These will get your blood pumping. Start on a mat or floor in a push-up/plank position. Keeping hands on the floor, draw one leg in towards the chest, then put it back and draw the other leg towards the chest. Alternate between the two legs quickly for at least 30 seconds to really build some heat.

Jump Rope – such a classic exercise, but sure to get your heart rate up! You can jump landing on both feet, or jump landing on alternating feet, or jump with a weighted jump rope for added strength. A good jump rope session is almost all you even need to get your best cardio workout at home!

Bear Crawls – this one will surely tap into your inner animal. Start in a push-up position with knees bent inwards, and begin crawling forward by alternating hand and leg movements. Be sure to stay low though and keep your abs engaged for a full-body workout.

What Should My Target Heart Rate Be?

To get the most from these best cardio workouts at home, you want to make sure you’re hitting your target heart rate for your age and level of intensity. According to the , American Heart Association, the maximum heart rate (on average) for a 30-year old is about 190. For moderately intense activity, you want to reach a heart rate that lands somewhere between 50 and 70% of that number. This would be a BPM (beats per minute) range of 95-133.

For more intense activity (like mountain climbers or running), you want to hit a target heart rate that’s about 70-85% of your maximum heart rate, which would be a slightly higher range, between 133 and 162 BPM, for someone around the same age. These ranges vary slightly by age, so be sure to check the AHA’s ,Target Heart Rate Chart to ensure you’re getting the most from your cardio workouts.

Adaptability is Key!

Maybe you couldn’t make it to the gym or that workout class one day, or maybe some days some cardio activities are more or less feasible for you than others. That’s okay! The trick to maintaining a successful fitness routine is to remain adaptable and give yourself the tools you need to toggle things around when life happens.

So if you can’t get out of the house, now you know how to get your best cardio workout at home. And while I’ve called out just 5 of my favorite cardio activities you can do, there are actually dozens. It’s all about identifying what fits best for your schedule, your body, and your goals. To book a consultation to help you get to your goals, click here!

**Do you have any exercises that you swear by? Share them in the comments! I’d love to hear how you’re all getting your best cardio workouts at home!

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