It’s time-consuming to live a healthy lifestyle. From trips to the gym, making your own healthy dishes, and keeping up on the latest fitness classes. Here are 3 ways you can hack your health!

Chew your smoothies and juices

To add extra nutrients to boost your breakfast, add spinach or kale to your smoothie or juice. When you have a green smoothie or juice, make sure you’re chewing it! When we chew food, it becomes covered in saliva that contains an enzyme called ptyalin which helps to break food down for the digestive process.  If we skip chewing our food because we are sipping it, then we are also giving it to our digestive system without the necessary enzyme to help it digest.  The digestive enzymes are crucial in delivering key nutrients to your cells This enzyme helps to digest carbohydrates and it begins that process in the mouth.

Workout when you feel energized

If you’re a morning person, that’s a sign your energy is at its highest point upon waking. Utilize your extra energy to benefit your weight loss goals by working out in the morning. Working out won’t feel like such a chore when your body actually feels like moving! Vice versa if you’re a night owl. This means fewer excuses to work out, which makes optimal health closer than you thought!

Drink cayenne pepper and warm water

Before you eat in the morning, try squeezing half of a lemon into warm water and sprinkling it with cayenne pepper. This will help stimulate your liver, which is the body’s detoxing control center. Your liver eliminates environmental and lifestyle toxins, which we don’t want to be trapped in our digestive system. Combining cayenne pepper with lemon increases the detoxing effect and raises the temperature of your body which will increase your metabolism. Increasing your metabolism leads to weight loss over time! This is a hack that is too easy to neglect!

Let me know how it goes!

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