Learning the Signs:

“Over training” is when you’re not properly programming your workouts. For example, taking a spin class Monday, then doing a tough leg workout Tuesday, then going on a long run Wednesday, followed by another Spin class Thursday. You want each muscle group to have time to rest between sweat sessions. This is why hiring a personal trainer can really benefit your weight loss and fitness goals as you’ll ensure you’re working out the correct muscle groups on the correct days. Over training symptoms are; decreased performance, so not able to move as fast or able to move your body for the same length of time as it usually moves, body fatigue, or chronic soreness that doesn’t seem to recover. Stress hormones will increase, causing moodiness and cortisol levels to rise.

A good workout should be pushing your body. If you’re doing cardio, you should be hitting your target heart rate throughout the workout session. If you’re lifting, the last few reps should feel almost impossible. If you feel dizzy throughout the workout or light headed you may be pushing yourself or didn’t fuel your body properly beforehand. If you can’t physically do the workout, then it needs to be adjusted to your fitness level to prevent injury. A good rule of thumb: if you’re feeling physical pain, stop doing whatever you’re doing. If you are just complaining through the workout and feeling like a whimp, push it, but if you’re hurting anywhere, stop.

If a workout is too hard, usually your body will stop you, and you’ll know when to take a break or change the movement to an easier alternative. If you are going through overtraining syndrome, you will feel sore, less hungry, and moody.

During the Workout:

Leg workouts should be 2x a week, so split days, back and biceps one day and chest and triceps the following day with cardio in between. There are many ways to split up your week. Some people enjoy 3 full body days with cardio in between as well. You don’t want to use the same large muscle group two days in a row as this can cause injury to the muscle being used. If the workout move is too intense you might be over compensating with other surrounding muscles, and being at high risk for injury without a trainer watching you.

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