Hello friends! Spring is in full bloom and you know what that means, it’s almost swimsuit season. If the thought of wearing a swimsuit leaves you cringing, check out 3 ways you can jump start your health now before summer starts!

1. Adding fruit or veggies to every meal. Ensure you’re getting your essential servings of fruits and veggies each day by adding each to your meal plates. Even better, try to eat the healthier items on your plate first, which will help you not over eat or want dessert.

2. Cardio! To get your body ready for summer start with cardio 3-4 times per week. Make it fun! Try cycling, swimming, or running for the highest calorie burn for the best results. Cardio will slim down the tough to tone areas at a faster pace then diet alone.

3. Reset your motivation. Find out what really motivates you. Get a clear picture of the way you want to look and draw it, find a photo of someone who has a body you admire, or an old photo of when you felt your best. Use that photo, keep it near your computer or on your gym bag so you are reminded what you’re working towards every time you lace up your gym shoes!

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