5 Workout Warmup Routines To Start Using Today

Are you the type of person who skips your warmup? I want you to drop that habit right now! Warming up before a workout helps to prevent injuries, increases blood flow to your muscles, and helps you to perform better.

During your warmup, focus on the muscles that you’ll use the most during your workout!

Here are 5 types of warmup routines for running, HIIT, Barre, indoor cycling, and Rowing:


Power walk for three to five minutes, moving your arms from side to side as fast as you can. This helps warm up your upper body, especially the shoulder area. Then jog for five minutes. Shuffle sideways for one minute on each side, then run backwards for two minutes. Do 45 seconds of butt kicks and 45 seconds of high knees. From there, hit your usual running pace.

HIIT workouts:

Do 45 seconds of each of the following moves: jumping jacks, high knees, sidekicks (alternating legs), squats, and butt kicks. Then do 30 seconds of each of the following: squat jumps, lunges, burpees, and mountain climbers.


Warming up your inner thighs and calves is critical, Roser says. Start by doing 25 jumping jacks, and then jog in place for two minutes (focus on being light on your toes). Follow that with 25 plie squats, 25 leg circles with each leg, and 25 calf raises.

Indoor cycling:

Sitting up straight on the bike, do five shoulder shrugs and five arm circles in each direction. Grab your arms behind your back to stretch your chest muscles for 30 seconds. Pedal at a comfortable pace at light resistance for three minutes. Then pick up the pace for the next seven minutes, switching between light and medium resistance.


You really want to prep your upper body. Start by swinging your arms in front of you. Bring them behind your back, touching hands together. Repeat 10 times. Then do 30 seconds of arm circles in each direction; 45 seconds of mountain climbers; eight to 10 squat jumps; 45 seconds of push-ups; and 45 seconds of burpees. Then hop on the rower: Row on the lowest resistance for three minutes, and then on medium resistance for three more minutes.

Watch this video where I show you how to stretch from head to toe!

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