Have you been thinking about ,,quitting your workouts because of the Coronavirus? Well, let me stop you right there!

Working out can strengthen your immune system leaving you less susceptible to get sick in general, plus it is a HUGE anxiety reliever! Which can benefit everyone during this time. ,This article from NPR has some great tips for keeping calm and staying well despite the panic that the media is spreading.

Benefits of exercise:

    • Improves your mood by making you feel happier
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Helps to strengthen your immune system
    • Gives you energy
    • Helps you lose weight or maintain your weight
    • Helps you to get better sleep
    • Boosts your self-confidence
    • Keeps your brain strong

,,Holly Roser Fitness studio is a clean and sick-free zone where you can workout confidently while boosting your immune system and benefiting your mental health! So if you are in San Mateo in the Bay Area and are looking for a safe place to workout, then we invite you to join us in the studio this week!

Additionally, if you are not in the Bay Area but still want to get a great workout in from home then online training might be a GREAT option to help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals! With online personal training, you can train on your schedule, from your laptop, anywhere in the world! My individual attention and customized plan to transform you from the inside-out to and help you shred the extra pounds and transform your body.

Holly Roser working out

Whatever you do, don’t take a break from your goals and the results you desire because you might not ever get that momentum back. Run outside, keep walking, and moving!! Keep training and never stop believing in yourself and your fitness goals!

Message me today to schedule a call and get started! I am committed to your success!!

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