Hey there fitness friends! Holly Roser here with an inside look at what I keep in my gym bag to make sure I’m prepared for any workout. As a personal trainer in the Bay Area, I’ve learned that having the right gear on hand is crucial, whether you’re hitting the weights, taking a group fitness class, or meeting with your trainer.

Workout Clothes and Shoes

Let’s start with the obvious: you’ve gotta have the right clothes and shoes to work out in! I always pack at least two sets of workout clothes and shoes in my bag so I’m ready for back-to-back sessions or in case I sweat through the first set (hey, it happens to the best of us).

For tops, I love breathable fabrics like lightweight performance tees. They wick away sweat and keep you cool as your workout heats up. I throw in a couple of sports bras too – high impact for cardio days, low impact for strength training. On the bottom, my go-to is stretchy performance leggings or shorts. I tend to opt for darker colors to hide sweat stains. Pro tip from your personal trainer: stay away from cotton, which hangs on to moisture. Synthetic performance fabrics are the way to go!

Don’t forget to wear supportive sneakers designed for your chosen activity, whether that’s cross-trainers for HIIT, running shoes for the treadmill, or lifting shoes for the weight room. I always pack an extra pair of comfy slide sandals too so I can give my feet a break between workouts.

Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

Abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen! After torching calories during your workout, it’s important to refuel with nutritious snacks to keep your energy up and your metabolism firing. I always stash protein- and fiber-rich snacks in my gym bag like fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, hummus and veggie packs, mixed nuts, or protein bars with limited added sugar.

Pro tip from your personal trainer – avoid processed foods like chips, candy, or baked goods after working out. They can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash, leaving you feeling sluggish. Stick to whole, nourishing foods to properly refuel your body after exercise. Nutrient-dense snacks also support muscle recovery and growth.

 Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is a huge part of any fitness routine. I always pack a large reusable water bottle in my gym bag to make sure I stay hydrated before, during, and after my workouts. Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature, transports nutrients, prevents cramps and dizziness, and boosts performance and endurance.

I love bringing a reusable bottle – better for the environment and my wallet! I make sure to fill my bottle up before each workout and sip regularly throughout my session. I also try to refill it after my workout to keep my hydration up. Pro tip: add some lemon, lime, cucumber, or mint to your water bottle for a refreshing, antioxidant-rich hydration boost!


This one’s a no-brainer – a towel is a gym bag essential to wipe away sweat and grime during your workout. I always pack a lightweight microfiber towel that’s ultra-absorbent and quick drying. Standard cotton towels can get heavy and stay damp when wet. A microfiber towel soaks up all that sweat and rinses out easily after use.

I use my towel to blot sweat during cardio or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, wipe down damp benches and equipment before and after use, and to dry off if needed. Pro tip from this personal trainer: pick a brightly colored or patterned towel so it’s easy to identify and doesn’t get mixed up with others.

Plastic Bags

This might seem mundane, but plastic bags are actually clutch for separating clean and dirty gear in your gym bag. I always stash a few lightweight reusable shopping bags or even plastic grocery bags in my duffel. That way I can put sweaty clothes in one bag to keep them separate from dry items. The bags also come in handy for toting home any wet gear so I don’t have to put it back in my bag. Plastic bags are great for quarantining dirty shoes too!

Massage Gun

After an intense workout, a massage gun like a Theragun or Hypervolt can be a lifesaver for soothing sore muscles and speeding recovery. The percussive therapy helps relieve muscle tension, reduce stiffness, and increase circulation. I always keep a massage gun in my gym bag for post-workout relief and to help prevent next-day muscle soreness.

Using a massage gun helps me target specific muscle groups like my legs after a lower body strength day or my upper back after a hardcore rowing session. The pulsating pressure reduces knots and kinks so I can bounce back faster for my next sweat session. I recommend playing around with different attachments and pressure levels to find what feels best on your body. Just a few minutes of massage gun therapy can make a big difference in how your muscles feel post-workout!

Body Odor Wipes

When you’re breaking a serious sweat during your workouts, body odor can sometimes be an unpleasant side effect. Keeping some body odor wipes in your gym bag can help you freshen up when needed. Look for wipes that are specifically formulated to combat odor and absorb wetness. Many brands make individual packets that are perfect for tossing in your duffel.

I like using odor-fighting wipes on smelly spots like underarms, feet, and other sweat-prone areas mid-workout or after. They provide a quick refresh if I don’t have time to fully shower and change. The wipes help remove bacteria that causes odor so you feel (and smell!) a little cleaner.

Some wipes also include added ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, and soothing extracts so they can gently cleanse without irritation. It’s a good idea to do a spot test first in case you have any skin sensitivities. Keeping body odor wipes handy gives you confidence that you can freshen up on the go. Toss a pack in your bag so you’re prepared whether you’re heading from the gym to work or meeting friends after a workout.

 Extra Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

If you have long hair like me, extra hair ties and bobby pins are clutch for keeping flyaways and frizz under control during workouts. Nothing derails my gym motivation faster than whipping wet hair sticking to my face and neck mid-HIIT class! An extra hair elastic has saved me more than once when one snaps mid-workout.

I also toss in a few bobby pins to deal with short hairs that escape my ponytail or bun. Pro tip: keep hair accessories in a small zip pouch or resealable plastic bag so they don’t float around loose in your gym bag. Bonus if it’s brightly colored so you can easily spot where you stashed them.


There you have it, fitness friends – my top essentials for a prepared, organized gym bag! Let me know if you have any other must-have items I should try. Don’t forget – consistency is key when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Keep showing up – I’m cheering you on!

Stay strong and healthy,

Holly Roser, 

Holly Roser Fitness

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